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What is Cómo como yo?

What is Cómo como yo?

Our project that is part of the EIT Food SCHOOL NETWORK seeks to integrate solutions to improve eating habits and reduce food waste in preschools and schools.

A healthy diet during childhood and adolescence promotes optimal health, growth and cognitive development of the child and adolescent, and can contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases in later life. However, surveys show that the majority of European children and adolescents do not meet these guidelines. In fact, recent figures show an alarming and increasing number of obese children and adolescents in Europe. Traditional communication initiatives (e.g. media campaigns) aimed at improving children's eating habits have a very limited impact.

There is therefore a need to develop and implement effective approaches that can help design programmes and policies that will result in children and adolescents adopting healthier and more environmentally friendly eating habits. In most European Union countries schools serve at least one meal every school day. Nutritional standards for school feeding alone are not sufficient to catalyse positive change in the diet. Students report dissatisfaction with many aspects of the school feeding environment related to food quality and taste, etc.

Overall aim

This activity aims to develop a network linking EIT Food with existing national school programmes in Europe and related stakeholders, in order to ultimately promote the exchange of ideas and information and ensure the effective translation of results. The project has developed a portfolio of approaches that could be used in pre-schools and schools to improve eating habits and reduce food waste, together with the development of the network and the establishment of effective communication channels.


This activity has created a network of European Institute of Technology feeding schools, starting with initiatives in schools at all levels (pre-school, primary, secondary) taking into account all stakeholders (children, catering, government) to address some of these issues in order to attract children to the school canteen, encourage them to make healthier choices and reduce food waste. These initiatives are based on three activities, with a corresponding communication strategy: exploring methods and developing networks to positively influence food choice, studying nutritional understanding and hedonic perception of school meals and developing and piloting an innovative new tool focusing on children's health behaviour and regulation of stress response.

This activity supports the vision and visibility of EIT Food, helping to increase confidence in the food system, reduce food waste and improve the nutrition of crucial consumers for the EU, our children.

As part of this project, the interactive application How do I eat? has been developed to assess children's perception of food by asking them about healthy products, preferences, consumption and their willingness to try new products. The valuable information gained from this is shared throughout the network and used to develop future activities and interventions.


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